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If you have made it this far, I know there is a lot of people out there like me. The reason why I created all of this, is because Its my calling to create and to share. maybe help somebody somewhere, and if I reach just one person and connect with them, my mission is accomplished. Iv been down the dark road alone many times, and it just takes one light to illuminate the way making things just a little better. Click on the drop-down menu and read along with the posts I share, find the parts that pertain to you, for which I may cover a lot of things in one post. Thanks for reading, showing support, and thanks for being here.

Where to find me:

Patreon: tangiblethomas

Gmail: tangiblethomas2@gmail.com

twitter: @tangiblethomas

Instagram: @tangiblethomas

youtube: @tangiblethomas

TikTok: @tangiblethomas

discord: tangiblethomas

Reddit: TangibleThomas

Snapchat: tangiblethomas

Facebook: tangiblethomas

Tumblr: tangiblethomas

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