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Reading a book today can be difficult for some people today with all the distractions of modern-day society. The focus required to read a chapter book requires can be hard to acquire. Comprehension can be a challenge also, having to reread certain chapters. Some of the richest people are known to have read hundreds of books, which goes hand and hand with the word focus. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet will tell you that focus is the key to becoming rich. Reading can further discipline focusing on one particular subject.

It may have taken me a year or more to finish certain books. Actually one of the first books I started reading I still haven’t finished it; Moby Dick by Herman Melville. One of the most influential books for me would be, “Mans Search for Meaning.” This book is about an observant Jewish psychologist who survived through the concentration camps of WWI.

Another great book that had me glued to the pages was a non-fiction educational book named, “Spy The Lie.” It was written by Philip Houston. Former CIA agents explain how spotting a lie is a form of science giving clear examples in life how their method works and I have seen it first hand in action with my career as a Wal-Mart loss prevention agent.

One of the easiest books which I had the pleasure of opening would be, “White Fang” By Jack London. This book made a huge impact on me. I can relate to a lot of the explanations along with the meaningful examples of life. The characters were described with great detail creating clear pictures.

I can say the longest book I have under my belt being 704 pages is, “A Man in Full Wolfe” by Tom Wolfe. The characters in this book are described well, and the scenarios are greatly appreciated for the insights the author brings to life. The ending was well worth the wait and will highly recommend it.


These are the books I have read & enjoyed. If you have any books which have made an impact on you leave a comment and let me know how it affected you.

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