My Luxury Car

Ok its not a luxury car to most people but, for me and my needs it enough. My transportation at the time was a Chevy Express 1500 that I used for my detailing service that I run on the side. It runs good under the hood but by all means it has cosmetic issues. Hand crank windows, no radio, no AC, bad on gas, and just a boat to drive really.

The car pictured is a 2003 Nissan Sentra 1.8L GXE. I paid $550 for this vehicle from a lady that no longer needing it. The car was sitting for awhile but started up on first try. I owned another Nissan before about the same year and model, which I am familiar with how they run. The one pictured has 144k miles on it, AC, Radio, window tints, power windows, 30 mpg, and cruise control, and runs great. What more can a guy ask for?

I may resale the car being I got it for a good deal and just do a couple things to upgrade its value. These changes would be, change the stereo to an after market stereo, get newer used tires, and change the oil. A full detail would also help, maybe a 2 step paint correction. I already restored the headlights and it makes a huge difference in the cars appearance.


The little knowledge I have on cars can save me some money. The little know how on what to look for on used cars comes in handy also looking for cars. If anyone has questions or an experience on buying a used car, leave me a comment.

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