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I was trying to sleep when I remember the time when I was driving out to a rural part of town. You  know when you are laying in bed and things are just going through your head, this was one of those times.


In  late 2015 when I was driving to this rural part of town I had my girlfriend in the front passenger seat, and I had my teenage Niece in the back seat of my old 1998 Nissan Sentra. I was driving down the back roads to my destination which had to be a 30 minute drive. I was taking the back streets due to construction on the main roads. I had a stereo system that was pretty loud, for anyone who is familiar with car sound systems I had two 15″ kickers at about half volume. I got to about half way turning down a side street at a 90 degree turn. Being that I live in Florida and the roads are flat this isn’t bad.

After I turned down the street going about 25-30 miles per hour, I was blinded by a bright light beaming at my eyes. It was an intense. I was a teenager of course with my GF in the car, behind a nippy steering wheel, I was moving and not caring 80% of the time driving.  You know how there is cartoons that have a demon on one side of your should and an angel on the other? well this was sort of like that.. I listened to the angel that had told me to slow down and not go through this beaming light. As I slowed down the beaming got out of view and I could see silhouettes of people. I could make out a SUV with its hood up and its brights on. I remember seeing a guy walking across the road with jumper cables in his hands. There were two more cars parked on the side of the road where he was coming from with two more people outside of their cars.

This odd event hadn’t made sense to me until after I kept driving. I don’t recall saying what I thought was actually going on there at the time. It didn’t hit me until after. The people there were trying to get insurance money from being hit by a car.

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