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Hello! My video game experience had started at a very early age. I was born in 1994. Iv had a computer since I was 6 years old and learned how to play games very quickly. The old-timers dial-up connection to the internet with the very distinct connecting sound still rings in my head today. I had acquired some games from my uncle, who was going into the army and didn’t have time for them. The list of games included,

Childhood Games

Boulders Gate


Red Alert

Tiberian Sun

Zoo Tycoon


Mall Tycoon

Sims City




These were the first initial video games I had played. I got pretty diversified later in life when my cousin Johnny had shown me a few other games. these games included:

Tween Games-Teenager


Empire Earth

Age of Empires



Before my dad had got our first Compaq computer, my brother and I were fortunate enough to have a Super Nintendo, I wasn’t too good at playing this console since I was too young. Id watches my brother play the games. I was somewhat good at the game Instinct my favorite character was Cinder. Id watch my brother play the other games such as

Toddler Games

Super Mario Brothers

Super Metroid


Mortal Combat

I would be into many games growing up. around 2004 my mom had got me an Xbox and the gaming continued. No online gaming with the Xbox, a few games that I had played on the Xbox were,

Midnight Club

Medal of Honor

and A few others, I can’t remember most of the games I had played which are odd being that I remember more of my younger days than the older days.

Childhood Games Review

When I was playing the PC games in the early 2000’s I had gotten pretty good at Pharoh and Knox. Knox was an RPG. you can only play one character at a time, which was either a conjurer, wizard, or warrior, each had their own advantages and disadvantages. My favorite character was the conjurer because of their ability to summon creatures to fight along your side and the ability to use bows and arrows. I had learned a lot about different things in the world by playing these games. Knox had Potions, spells, armor, creatures, geographical features.

Pharoh was platform building game. In this game, you could play a campaign mode or a sandbox mode. I had gotten pretty far in the campaign mode. I couldn’t figure out how to get passed a certain level which I started playing sandbox more. I had learned a lot about Egypt at a very young age by playing this game.

Boulders Gate was a somewhat harder game but this one had a lot of things to learn. it was a dynamic game being it was time-sensitive and there were things like eating and sleeping that needed to take place. Boulders Gate was also an RPG.

Zoo Tycoon was a fun game to play. As the builder of a zoo, you had the ability to cage different types of animals and create their environment. If you would place a polar bear in a desert environment the Polar bear would become upset and eventually die. you could open the theme park to the public and make money from the park and make upgrades. I was not sophisticated enough to know how to excel fully at this game due to the complexity. Mall Tycoon was similar.

Red Alert was a platform game where you would build a base. This base would produce an army to attack the enemy NPG. As the campaign would unravel you would unlock new tanks and other characters as the missions became more challenging. Tiberian Sun was similar to this game.

The driver was a game where you had to use keyboard short cuts to control the car. And demolition was a game where you crashed other cars to gain progression and new tracks.

Teenager/Tween Review

Quake was a first-person shooter game that had a campaign mode. This game also had a multiplayer. it was an arena-style first-person shooter where you have 10 minutes to reach the frag limit to win. Gloom was a spin-off of this game and was somewhat popular. The purpose of this game was to kill the other side’s spawns. There was only two teams in which one team was human and the other team was aliens. you’d score points by killing the other team’s players.

Runescape definitely had taken a lot of my time as a teenager. Id play with my friends. I could still play this game if I had time. Iv got up to level 113 and completed numerous quests and skills.

Empire Earth was a good game to play being able to create a base and explore a fog of war to kill the opposing team.

Today I still play a few games now and again when I have time. These games include:

Todays Games


Quake Champions



Fallout shelter

This concludes the games I had played. As a side note, I have Grammarly downloaded on my browser and the emoji feature at the bottom shows “how my text sounds” and rated it as “sad” and “disapproving” does my writing really consist of these emotions when you read them? Please let me know, Thank you ! 🙂



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