Love Thyself

My babies definitely help me get through the trauma. Sometimes it’s unbearable because of the severe circumstances of my traumatic flashbacks, the things that were done to me are tough to forget. But my babies make things easy when they come to my room and shake me when I have overslept. Things become easier when you aren’t thinking about things, everything just becomes better. I thank God for my children. I thank god for making me better. I can’t be any more grateful for the things in my life to help me through my situation. The pain is not easy to forget.


The last few days I took my kids to the children’s museum here in town. We had a blast at the Lego table. My daughter loves creating things with all of the little blocks. She had made a castle, along with my niece. I was just making a solid block out of all the other blocks to stay busy and not stuck in my phone like all the other parents who were there. We had a grand time exploring the building. We had discovered there was a third floor. This little area had a unique Lego table and some bean bag chairs, everyone was excited to find this area. After discovering this area, we went back downstairs to find Rachel and my son. They were fishing at the little magnetic fishery activity when we found them. My niece and daughter joined in as I recorded a family video. I edited this video and placed it on my personal Facebook account to showcase what a great time we had at the children’s museum. Once finished with the fishing activity we had gone outside and sat on a hill eating some fruit I prepared for our journey. The bag of goodies included strawberry’s, cutie oranges, cherries, blueberries, and apple slices I sliced myself (presliced is too expensive).


After the children’s museum, we were getting a little hungry. We had plans to barbeque at the house and make some delicious home-made food. Time was running out and we had a late start to the day so for convenience, we had gone to McDonald’s and had us a nice meal together.


After McDonald’s, we had gone to the pool. The pool was very refreshing and my kids were showing off their skills. My Son was getting the hang of swimming pretty good, along with my Daughter had a little it better time swimming. My niece looked like a fish she could swim better than me lol. The chlorine was a little strong but good thing we had goggles. I was pulling them along on a boogie board having a good time. I played monster and chased after them for about 30 minutes, getting a little carried away I had scrapped my head on the bottom of the pool (still hurts).


Once the sun had gone down, we got in the car and went home. Everyone took baths, and I read them a good book and they were out easy peasy. Days like these make life worth living and I look forward to having the best days of my life still ahead of me.


I am grateful for everything in my life that helps me get thru every day. I love everyone that helps me thru. I love everyone that loves me which gets me thru. Everyone needs a group of people to get thru. I am grateful I am accessible to the people closest to me that need a laugh when they are feeling down. I am grateful I can lift the ones I love to the heavens and make their lives easier. I am grateful for having this breath of mine and these feet to take steps to make everything in our lives easy. Thank you, god, for giving me the answers I need.


Thank you for reading, have a blessed day.

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