I would guess everyone would say that music is a big part of their lives. Music is definitely a part of my life to the point where when I am sad, lonely, angry, content, happy and well, basically for any occasion or celebration. Music can make things better (or worse) such as driving, working, weddings, just name it. Music is a great thing to have in our lives. Some artists are such great musicians they can tune into certain frequencies that could help heal you. There is research done that some sound frequencies can promote your overall being. I have listened to chakra sleep mediation frequencies while sleeping and I could say it did make a difference. Being on your P’s and Q’s can help you with this but that’s another blog post. I would like all sorts of music throughout my whole life but there were certain phases id steer more into periodically due to certain circumstances in my life.

When I was a kid I really only had the radio to listen to music which was had me in a skewed vision. My cousin had ordered a ton of music CD’s when I was 6 years old or so. He ordered Bone Thugs and Harmony’s albums back in the early 2000’s, nappy roots, Eminem, and other artists. he also showed us Kazaa which there were some fucked up videos on there that he exposed us to. Kazaa had music we can download from. The radio at the time was playing 50 cent, ja rule, and others of course. At this time my music intake was somewhat limited due to my resources.

When I become a teenager Id have access to more music through the internet and really become interested in finding new music. Especially when I started driving. I liked music so much I paid $600 for a beat-up Nissan Sentra with 230k miles on it and spent $1500 on subs and stereo equipment. The best music that sounded good and fit my somewhat lifestyle back then was drug dealing gang banging music, artists like Plies, Lil Boosie, Gucci, Yo Gotti, Frank Lini (local artist). Yes, I do write and sound cheesy (whatever you call It) but these artists were a big part of my life when I was younger, I am not proud of this but I have been around the block with the wrong crowd when I was younger and can understand the music, terms, language, advice, concepts, and history to the music and break it down for other perhaps if I have the time and the notion to in the future.

After this stage of my life and into my early twenties I become more into emo music, which I would say I was always into emo type things my whole life. I would listen to Deftones, Kid Cudi, Linkin Park, Lil Peep, The weekend, and there’s tons of others I know I am leaving out. I can definitely write out a ton of artists names. Due to the circumstances of my life at this time, and the mud I have put myself in and had been drug through by the closest people to me the music helped me escape the most, besides the alcohol.

Today Music enhances my life and gives me standing on where I have been and where I am going. I have tons of playlists labeled in sorts of one being “humble.” I would listen to this playlist when I am feeling too big for my britches and need a reminder. Now that I have two kids and understand the power of music and the memories formed when listening to music are very sentimental. I am grateful for all the artists and songs I come across that relay a message I cannot myself by myself at the current moment which I will always be grateful for.

I have delved into creating music at one point use FLStudio. I have one song that actually sounded somewhat like a song, that I wanted to use to tell a story and relay what I was going through somehow and so what have you, a song I had produced lol.

I want to review music and artists and kind put my own spin on the art, not that I am any kind of special or anybody important but perhaps I can jive with someone. I guess u can label it as a critique? but this term critique is the wrong term I am looking for. When I get ideas on videos that I want to do this is the first place I will go and post about my ideas. This blog is the easiest way to portray my mind and vision. Thanks for Reading, -Thomas.

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