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When I am thinking ever so quietly to myself, I can imagine and practice everything perfectly. These practices include how to say things, how to imagine things, how things how going to play out, and imagine how the other party is going to react, and everything else in this nature. I imagine everything so perfectly in my imagination. Like today, in this blog post, I had just had a great idea to write down and explain, I was so sure I would remember and type it up so perfectly. When I had opened my laptop this amazing thing had disappeared. My mind drew a blank and the feeling had dispersed. Trying to remember or just write won’t cut it. I need the feeling to be right in order to project the emotions, story, thoughts, expressions, relatable content, and so forth. Sometimes I just write things or do things without the perfect feeling just to produce content and this can go for months. Time doesn’t seem to be an issue with me.  I get strong feelings time to time and I need to realize this is the point where the magic is made when it feels like I am not writing, I am speaking magic and the words just flow.


Today’s thoughts correlate with what I am going through in my life. Sometimes when I write it doesn’t pertain all the time to what’s going on with my life currently. I am like everybody else. I compare my self to other people my age. I try and figure what I am doing wrong, and come to find out I am doing nothing wrong, I am doing my best to survive and to keep my head above water. To better my family and the people closest to me which I seem to not be able to keep people together sometimes when I get lost down my dark lonely path where I am unrelated. I try and be somebody that others can relate to but this is where I find myself in deep water. I can be cool. I can be anything I want. But this period in my life, I have found something that takes the effort of moving a mountain to accomplish.

This something is what everybody is seeking. This something is what little people or big people use to become somebody or something. This will allow you to swim with sharks, viewed as an individual in your own right. To be worthy of something. It is okay to know what you are about, what you view, know what you are capable of. It is okay if you know your true worth and everyone is worth more than anything of value in this world. A life is priceless, it is the most sacred thing we can have. Every life is created equal and we can all come together and be apart of the equation. Confusion is what sets us apart from being equal. Closed minds are what sets us apart from being equal. We all want to be viewed in the same light as someone else. We all deserve to be powerful when we feel weak. We all deserve to live the way we want to live. This something will give you a better understanding, a better sense of peace. If everyone would know this ancient knowledge the world would be a better place.

Now you may ask, How do you trust someone? I ask this, do you trust yourself? what knowledge do you operate by? are you confused? do you have answers? are you lost? do you have self-esteem? what traumas are you dealing with? who have you forgiven? what grudges do you hold? Who are the closest people to you?

There is a ton of questions to ask someone to gauge where they are in their life stability. I have been in a bad place and can know what people are going thru and to see them for their true persons. Some people though are too far gone and lost. They operate and hold onto bad morals and intentions and these people are no one to be caught being around. These people will steal from you, put things in your drinks, do terrible things to you and your possessions. If you are one of these people, you can be a better person in time and guidance. Some people change through religion, Finding god. This is the most common.


I am into the written savior. We all survive by our language and our words. If we speak the right words at a job interview we get the job. If we speak the right words to the opposite sex, we find our soul mates. Our words are like magic, they bring things into our lives, or they destroy our lives. Abracadabra.

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