There is a lot of knowledge

There is so much knowledge in the world. Money isn’t anything today. There is no amount of money to buy even the most valuable knowledge. I wonder what kind of knowledge is out there that no one knows? that isn’t yet discovered or known about in the past. I know we are nothing compared to our ancestors on what we are capable of when we sit down and think about it. It use to be common practice to memorize things and create and invent things. people would have nothing better to do but record things and figure things out. the early day philosophers would try and explain things. like when the apple fell from the tree when gravity was discovered.

I am here today from a fucked place which I have came from. I wonder if I can blame my parents for the fucked up shit I had experienced with no control over. with their fuckedupness and simply being unaware of why I have experienced the shit I had. we are all connected right? so can someone blame me for something happening to them if they are the age of 25? would it be a number of factors and reasons on themselves for something happening to them? I could blame my parents of course but they did the best they can. I ain’t no bitch. It doesn’t matter I am just here for debate. And I debate with myself hahahaha.

So When The Things That I been thru were a number of things that my parents didn’t do. I suppose that the things that could have kept me away which they should have been aware of still got to me. but whatever it made me the person i am today and i wont ever take it back. the people that have good lives are shells of people i think perhaps but not everyone is the same. there is just a handful of people that are genuine and if you are one of them i bless you and hope we can meet one day.


Thank you for reading, -Thomas

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