Quit being such a bitch

Fight for what you want in life. Stop going with the tendencies that make other people experiment with their character against you. Find a better place and expects and receive what you want and need.

You can fight for consciousness and divinity later. Get what you need in the meat suit world today. Stop being scared. Find motivation. Get used. Get fucked over. Feel that pain and leave it there forever.

People will deal with your pain no matter what, it’s hard to find the right person that will fit into your mold. Don’t put all your eggs into one basket they will all hatch and die and the bitch will leave.

It’s weird, how I can observe relationships. I use to be the greatest lover, shit I’m lying. I never knew how to love to begin with? Idk my I think too much about shit.

I guess that’s my issue, having conversations with myself and shit like…. idk. I find the balance tho, and when The scale stop tipping shit will be real.

Things will unfold for me like how I want to, and that scale will stop tipping today. I gotta stay true to the pain of the game to gain. Sow the seeds today.

I mean what’s the worst that can happen? A few rejections. Fuck it man try again. Get rejected again feel the pain.

Thanks for reading..

Poison prisons

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