Today is a good day, it started out slow. We make it today like we do every day. I finally got out of bed and started working on my notary course. I still have eaten. Its 5:18pm on Monday, July 13th, 2020.

I have been getting into a deeper sense of self lately. Some people could be something that they aren’t or be something they are. Some people that change can change for the good or for the better.

The most insane people, the literal crazy people, the people that have gone mad.. they don’t realize that they are going insane. Inside there own heads they think they are perfectly normal.

I wonder why people try and wrap their heads around things when they clearly cannot fathom the broad spectrum of simple things. I wonder, psychology is a vast field.

I am nothing yet everything. You can go to a school and have 20 people in the same class, u can have a piece of paper that makes u seem like u know what ur talking about, whatever.

You can trick your brain into doing difficult tasks and actually enjoy doing them. You can be smart, study, break down barriers inside ur head to the point it becomes fluid.

You know like when you are driving for the first time and its hard to? Then it gets easy? Like that. You know when you are playing an instrument and its really hard to but if h practice it get easier? It’s like that.

Smarts are a muscle, solving math problems, breaking down complex ideas, just thinking in general you know? Shiit I love that people try.

Relationships are hard as fuck yo, I wish there was a switch in your head where you can just turn it off. I guess there is, or perhaps I haven’t created it yet. idk.

Thanks for reading!!!!!!!!!!


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