Human Rights

I appreciate what cops do. I like cops that are morally righteous. I like cops who are just. I can appreciate cops that have virtues, who are emotionally intelligent humans that have empathy. I know cops can have a hard time with their jobs, I’m sure it’s not easy handling the situations they deal with. I am familiar with the types of things they deal with for I have been a security officer, and a loss prevention agent and been in hairy situations. This is why I wouldn’t consider taking the position of a cop. If someone is going to be a cop they shall know what exactly they are getting themselves into and should handle every situation differently and accordingly. Trying to solve real crimes must be a very hard thing to do and I know there are special kinds of people who are built for these jobs and it takes a special person to do these tasks. Having to deal with people who are constantly lying, their story isn’t constant, finding evidence, documenting everything, and making sure all the I are dotted and T are crossed. This is no easy task. I wonder though. How many actual crimes are solved by patrol cops? Every time I needed to report a crime, I would call non-emergency dispatch and request a deputy. The deputy would come along and speak with me, take photos, give me a case number and be on his way. At a later time, there would be another detective that takes over the case and those are the ones that aren’t on the streets responding to dispatch. Working for loss prevention I dealt with both of these types of cops. Each had taken an oath1 in order to maintain their position as a public official. (see Florida highway patrol Oath of Office below)

The cops now are offering protection. They are protecting us from ourselves such as making sure we are wearing our seat belts. This is mandatory if not we are ticketed. Now if we have a belief that the seat belt is more a danger to wear, we still get a ticket. In some cases, the seat belt was the sole cause of death. The deputy does not care about your belief, or what you have to say. The Deputy will write you a ticket or warning and send you on your way. If you get pulled over again this time it will be a ticket. The deputy will not listen to your belief about the seat belt being viewed as a hazard to you more than it is a safety precaution. The deputy shouldn’t have any say over your persons, to begin with, what you think is right or wrong for your safety. They will give you a ticket and threaten if you don’t pay for the ticket, they will suspend your license. If you drive while your license is suspended now you have committed a crime. Now you are humiliated, labeled a criminal, and your reputation is ruined.

Why would a cop be in fear of their life? Why do cops have the innate right to claim their life is in jeopardy in order to charge innocent people with false accusations? Why does a cop have the innate right to claim a human being is capable of taking their life (the cops) and be awarded the upper hand in traffic stops? When a human being is going to take this same stand as a cop from cops taking innocent people’s lives the human being is now treated differently? Innocent people go day to day with their lives being good citizens and then come across tyrant cops who claim their life was on the line to get away with infringements of right, along with financial stealing of sweat equity earned by the labor of the human being. Not all human beings are criminals. We can all see cops thinking they are above the law, but they aren’t. they lead by example. I have seen many times cops breaking numerous laws, who’s going to police the police? Cops are always getting away with crazy things.

Iv had a lawyer explain to me their perspective on the matter. A cop will see someone not using a turn signal. The cop will see this and make a decision in their head. They will most likely not pull someone over for this petty traffic infraction but the one cop that does will make the decision in their head if they will or will not. The cop will say, “you did not use your turn signal, this can cause an accident.” No accident had occurred. The turn was executed with no accident. The cop could say, “if you don’t use your turn signal someone will misjudge your vehicle’s intentions and this will cause an accident.” This goes against a lot of rights. The deputy is causing a hazard in the road for other travelers. The deputy is causing a distraction for other travelers. The deputy is taking away the rights of the human being by impeding their free travel by detaining them for a civil traffic infraction. The deputy is speculating that a crime that you are not guilty of has been committed I.E. property damage and/or injury.

The lawyer also explained to me that people are now liable through civil or criminal ramifications if you are not in accordance with traveling correctly in a vehicle. The deputy will make the decision to give you a ticket for this to not happen again and you will learn your lesson. I’m sure this is a good stand to take and believe in on your own behalf and it’s the majority vote. Most people will look at you funny if you don’t believe in this which we all are aware of and we all agree with. To go against this, you could be labeled many different things for many different reasons. People hold this position because they truly perceive this to be the only way to live.

You can have people that follow the law in all accordance, not even jaywalk. But you do get the one occasion that someone is having a bad day and the worst can happen. If someone is driving without their headlights on and run over someone, they now have committed a crime and now officially subject to criminal and civil penalties due to negligence and actual bodily harm and/or property damage.

What is your standing on this matter? Does my view give you an eye-opening intel? Thank you for reading!

  1. Oath of Office:

“I do solemnly swear: I will support, protect and defend the constitution and government of the United States and of the State of Florida; I will render strict obedience to my superiors in the Florida Highway Patrol, and observe and abide by all orders and regulations prescribed by them for the government and administration of said Patrol; I will always conduct myself soberly, honorably and honestly; I will maintain strict, punctual and constant attention to my duties; I will abstain from all offensive personality or conduct unbecoming a police officer; I will perform my duties fearlessly, impartially and with all due courtesy, and I will well and faithfully perform the duties of a Florida Highway Patrol Officer on which I am now about to enter. So help me God.”

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