Trauma in my life

On July Twenty-Fifth Two Thousand and Twenty in Collier County, Florida city of Naples,

It was a humid Saturday when Thomas was relieved from work by his associate coming to take over for the night shift. Working on Saturdays is not preferred by many but when you have to take care of your children you will go to a far extent to give them everything they need. Traveling from work to home in an old beat up 2001 Chevrolet cargo van. This van is also used for business as a mobile detailing unit. He had stopped at a gas station to pick up a few things. While pulling into the parking lot there was a Collier County Sheriff’s marked police car at a gas pump. The deputy was not visibly seen inside the car or pumping gas. The van was parked in front of the seven eleven gas station, lights were turned off, windows rolled up, and doors locked to step out. While opening the door, the deputy was then insight at the counter, she was a female officer in full uniform with a mask on. She had looked my way when I had nodded in a friendly manner continuing to get the items needed. The deputy had left the counter and exited the building. The last item needed was found and paid for at the counter. Everything was bagged up; receipt was taken and our journey home was running smoothly.

The van was still in its parking spot, the doors still locked. The keys were retrieved from the pocket, doors opened, turned on the van, and reversed from the front of the building. I had placed my wallet inside the laptop compartment of my backpack which was on the floor in between the seats. The mirrors were checked making sure there was no one passing behind. Once fully out of the parking spot the van was put into drive and on our way we went. The deputy was seen again turning towards the Arthrex building making a right turn. There was a concrete median that made turning into the exit lane difficult which the deputy had noticed. I made the left turn but did not clear the area. The van was put into reverse and the turn was a success the second time. The deputy was seen again after disappearing. This time the deputy was behind me making a right turn. I continued my journey as I went on my way home to talk to my kids and see my family and girlfriend.

At this time, I was traveling East on Immokalee Road peacefully at my leisure, with the pursuit of happiness at my back. Not even a minute later there were White Blue and Red lights in my mirrors. The van was parked immediately on the side of Immokalee road in the turning lane of SW Health Parkway. I was very nervous and scared for my life knowing someone with a gun was closing in on me. I have been tormented my whole life by humans and bright red blue and white light vehicles which this time was different. The deputy had appeared by my vehicle with a mask covering her face. She then said that my tail lights were not on. I then checked my light switch and noticed it was not on to my mistake I had forgotten to flip them on. The deputy had asked if I had a license the vehicle registered, and insurance which I had stated “yes.” I then had asked What crime did I commit which she had stated I had committed a civil traffic infraction. She then had said she needed my driver’s license which I had asked what crime did I commit and explained to her what a constitutional crime was, trying to enlighten her about the situation had to hand. She stated that it is not up for discussion when I had requested a supervisor to explain further. The deputy was noticeably getting frustrated and I can tell in her voice she was getting emotionally angry. The deputy had tried to open my door without my consent which I grew in more fear for my life which I had stated: “I do not consent to any searches.” I had asked if I was being detained which she had started, “yes you are being detained” which I had asked, “for what crime?” I grew further into my fear of my life by the deputy with a gun on her waist as I began to roll up my window until the supervisor came to the scene so I can explain further the misunderstanding. Another deputy appeared as I was rolling up my window for my protection as he reached into my vehicle and punched the bridge of my eye socket which I had panicked. I was rolling up the window to create a barrier for me to feel at ease with the supervisor en route. Both deputies had their hands on the window that was 35% of the way rolled up which they pulled with force breaking the glass before my eyes, as my fears had taken over, I was now trembling terrified for my life.

I was then grabbed, and dragged from my vehicle against my will and thrown to the floor injuring my knees and elbows, my eye was in tremendous pain from the deputy attacking me as they searched my pockets by placing their hands inside them and turning them out. I could barely breathe from fear which they forcefully restrained me from the movement against my will. I was then left on the floor on my stomach which I was in fear for my life but now in cuffs which I became frozen in fear for what seemed like an eternity. I noticed I was now behind my van when I became aware of the nightmare taking place. I could count five deputies.

I stated multiple times that I did not consent to them searching my vehicle. The deputies then opened my door to my vehicle and entered it. The lady deputy and another deputy were searching my vehicle for some time and returned to my view the lady deputy had my wallet in her hands. I then asked the deputies for badge numbers and business cards.

Another vehicle had appeared. A deputy had exited the vehicle and approached me. He had a clipboard In his hands and came closer. He then came with speaking distance and began to explain he was going to ask me a couple questions about COVID, Which I had stated under duress I will answer the questions. I then walked with him and entered the vehicle.

I was brought to the county jailhouse in a patty wagon. I have illegally searched while in the custody of the deputies again. The deputy that had driven me to the jailhouse had left me with two other deputies, one deputy named Hill. Hill and his associate, who I was not able to get his name after multiple requests for his name, both searched my wallet, took out all of my money, cards, and personal items without my consent. I assured them there was nothing in my wallet that interests them but they continued to search my items. They then walked me to the vestibule where they searched me further by patting me down. They took me to the wash house/property bathroom where I removed my clothes, jewelry, shoes, belt, and exchanged them for their clothes. I stated I would be under duress. I was still in fear of my life. I then exited the wash house/property bathroom in my new wardrobe as they directed me to the booking area. They explained to me that I needed to give them my fingerprints, a photo of my head, swabs, and other personal things that pertain to my body and my identity which I did not consent to. They then walked me to cell 1148 and said I will stay there for one, two maybe three days until I cooperate. I had stated my rights are being violated, they have been violated and I will not submit any of my data due to it being a violation of my beliefs. I laid on the hard-concrete bench stating that I am being falsely imprisoned. I am being kidnapped against my will. Deputy Hill then started mocking me along with his unknown counterpart. Hill had tormented me from this point on along with the unknown deputy. Every hour or so Hill would come into my cell asking if I am ready to book which I had stated many times I do not consent. One time Hill had come In asking if I’d want to book, I took this instead to strike up a conversation with Hill, which I had stated I had a teacher in middle school and if he had relatives at the middle school faculty, which I could not hear his response over his unknown counterparts voice from across the booking area saying loudly “Go fuck yourself Thomas.” Hill then left my cell and the door closed. Hill walked around after which I asked him for the unknown deputy’s name which he stated, “if you cooperate you can read it from his shirt yourself” which I had stated, “can you just tell me?” He stated, “I don’t do that.” I had asked multiple times if we can get around the traditional booking methods because of my specific beliefs which he laughed and mocked me with along with several deputies at the desk. I had asked him to get a judge to sign a warrant to seize my property which he said the judge won’t. Another time hill had entered my cell asking if I am ready to “book” which I had asked him about his oath he had taken, he said “it was too long ago” which I had begun asking if his oath sound something like… but I was cut off by his unknown counterparts voice yelling across the booking area stating “shut the fuck up Thomas!” Which hill then left the cell and the door closed which I had looked at the unknown deputy across the booking area through the glass and asked him what his name was, which everyone just stared at me as he turned away facing the three monitors in front of him. I felt like I was no longer human, I felt like I was someone’s punching bag. I was being tormented about my beliefs and my views. I was constantly being told I need to cooperate or I will be here for as long as it takes until I give my photo, my fingerprints, a swab, my signature, and other personal things to me. I continued waiting until someone will come along and recognize the beliefs. I continued to lay on the hard-cold concrete bench inside cell 1148 listening to the deputies mock me about my rights, about my beliefs. I listened to them joke and laugh loudly. The cell had opened again, I was laying on my back with my feet propped on the ledge next to the glass with my arm over my eyes to cover out the light as I tried to catch some rest from a long day of work and being beaten by cops, when Hill had stated “are you ready yet just say yes or no and none of that bullshit bout kid napping dumb shit” I looked at him in disgust and nodded my head as he left and the door closed once again. The unknown deputy was tall, heavyset with a belly, balding on the top with thin brown hair on the sides, pale complexion, facial hair I will be able to point him out along with hill even though they had COVID masks. I have never been treated like this before, being tormented and all, it reminded me of Scooby-doo, the real monsters are humans.

Once shift change had occurred, I was greeted by new deputies, at first Sgt. Garcia was nice, and deputy Machichi was nice, but they also fell in line with the mocking. They both had stated that I needed to give my personals to be let free. Which I did not consent. I waited for a long time until I couldn’t. Under duress and coercion, I cooperated. This did not make anything better; I was mocked and tormented as I gave my fingerprints, photo, and DNA away. I was called a dumbass for my beliefs to my face by a deputy named Rora or Rory, I was mocked and made fun of for my beliefs. This was excruciating but I made it through. Somehow a window of light had shined on me and at this time when I completed booking my 24/7 hearing was 30 minutes away and I was on the dockets. A well-known face had appeared which I was happy to see and they took me away from the misery to my destination to the judge’s remote room. I was relieved again when my lawyer was there on the screen to represent me. At this point, I have been unlawfully imprisoned for about 10 hours and I had no idea anybody knew I was alive. After the hearing, I went back to booking and made a call for a bond. I then went to sleep to be awoken, to go to wash house/property bathroom saying I am being released. The property intake deputy was pretty cool and he was new. I received all of my stuff besides $25 cash that the jail had confiscated. I put my work clothes back on with a tear at my knee and followed deputy Michici back to the booking area. They asked me to see the nurse which I did. The deputy then took me to Sgt. Garcia took my fingerprints, made me sign the paperwork, and then sent me on my way. I asked where my van was located while a deputy looked over my paperwork and said he couldn’t help me. I asked Sgt. And she told me to call dispatch. After this, I picked up my property from the desk and left on my own. It was now daytime July Twenty-Sixth Two Thousand and Twenty, I called dispatch; they had a hard time locating my Van. Being my window busted, my belongings in the open, my laptop, backpack, firearm, camera, chargers which I use for work were exposed. Dispatch had given me a number to call for Victory Towing to retrieve my Van which I called and they gave me the address to their location. My cell phone was used to call my girlfriend to come to pick me up which she did. From there we went to the bails bonds to sign paperwork. We then went to the address of where my van was located. I called the number again and they said no one was available for me to retrieve my van and they would call me when someone was available. I was going to call off from work but had no choice but to go into work. My eye still in pain and my knee in pain I tried my best to ignore the pain. I finished my shift, went home took a shower, and went to bed.

On July Twenty Seventh Two Thousand and Twenty Seventh, my boss from work had called me and asked me what had happened. The truth had been spoken, and he understood. He explained that I was suspended from work until further notice.

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