August 2nd, 2020

My drive to work was nerve-racking. The number of officers in my town was relieving at first knowing that bad guys would think twice about coming to my town to cause damage. Iv grew up in Naples and didn’t realize until after I left the state that Naples is a sort of paradise with high desirability. Today was a different day along with the other days I have been driving in my pursuit of happiness. Since the incident on July 25th, 2020, I haven’t been right. Images of being in a small room being tormented keep flashing in my head. I am scared that this will happen again if I step outside my house. Everything had changed when a deputy had punched me in the face, shattered my window, and then proceeded to drag me out of my van for not having my tail lights on. I am scared every day that I will be violated again, my money taken from me because of a deputy claims she was in fear of her life from a father of two small children, a business owner in Naples, Full-time employee, poet, adventure seeker, tax-paying citizen who had a few mistakes in the past but learned from them. I am in shambles with the charges brought against me. The money it costs in order to have this go away due process which I was not awarded at the time of the incident. I am in fear of going back to the place where I was tormented by oath holders to protect me in my innocence. My family is shamed that I am now accused of a crime that was not committed and my family knows that I am innocent. My reputation is at risk and I am in fear that this will cause me more damage than I can imagine being that I rely on a good perception of the public to run my business and proceed in future ventures.

My life is no longer in my hands. My life is in the hands of a government system of abuse. My life was in the hands of a tyrannical officer which I was in fear of my life at the time and the whole time I was in a small room with metal doors. I am in fear that if I make a little mistake an officer will be right there to further my pain again. The money I’ve worked hard for is now being confiscated by these people who aren’t feeding my family. I may lose the house I rent that is home to my children with the crimes I am accused of if I don’t have the money to pay. I am just in so much pain right now my stomach and my body is weak I can barely type without trembling.


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All Rights Reserved 2020

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