Thankful for Today

I am worried about people not coming forward to file a complaint about the agency in lack of knowledge of how to or the will to. I am worried about my own safety by coming out of the dark with this information. The deputies seemed to be capable of anything working as a gang like structure having each other’s back even in questionable times like I had witnessed me. I feel like id be the only one filing such a complaint knowing and it will be swept under the carpet like nothing happened. Perhaps there are many complaints like this one which may still have been unresolved. I had submitted a violation in 2016 and failed to provide substantial evidence on my side which my case fell thru on technicality but my charges were dropped before the arraignment. I am still in shambles about that but at the time I was in a far worse stage of my life. The wrongful arrest in 2016 with corporal Dipalo was just swept under the carpet. I have been targeted since I was a small child by CCSO paying out of my back pocket for things I witness CCSO violate numerous times with no recourse. There are so many deputies on the road I can count them on two hands sometimes just on one trip from Everglades rd., to US 41. It seems like its business that’s being conducted by all the money they are collecting from me, and even close friends and family just because they can.   If I had the time and courage to record CCSO I’m sure id uncover a sleeping giant.


Police are a good thing to have in society. Without them who will recover stolen property, solve murders, or come to your aid when you are in need if a crime is being committed against you. Police are good to have in any city in order to find real criminals that are mentally incapable of the welfare of other humans. Real criminals committing real crimes need to be jailed. I have met a few people who were incapable of being civilized people living normal lives. These people would act like animals when they felt threatened in any way. Such as if their reputation was in question, they would not be able to use words to settle a dispute in which they resorted to violence. If they didn’t get what they wanted again they lacked the fundamental tools of communication to get what they wanted, this caused them to use violence. These kinds of people need rehabilitation, correctional facilities, which the jails are supposed to be. Some criminals can be housed that are civilized who are committing other softer crimes but this is up for debate.


People who commit fraud, steal people’s identities, blackmail, cheat people from their money, abuse their powers, extort, cause pain, ruin reputations and the likes should also be corrected for their actions. Personally, liable for damages paid to the damaged. The corrective powers of the judicial branch should not be overbearing on the people that live normal lives, functioning as good Samaritans who pay taxes and even donate to charities be wrung out like a semi-dry towel dripping the last bit of money from their pockets by these organizations who claim they are here to “protect us.”


Real criminals like rapists, murderers, people who harm animals, child abuse/neglect, kidnappers of disabled people, also need to be corrected and rehabilitated through the jail system. Everyone can say that the jail system is not a corrective facility. It’s more like a place where they set you up to be a career criminal in order to cough up the coin to go to their trust funds. It seems like every day I do the research I uncover more and more about the system that we have in place to “protect us.” They use words in their laws such as “peace officers” to have us believe they are here for the greater good.


I am all for the law, But I am for what’s right. I seem to be on rant right now but thank you for reading today has been a better day. God resides in me and I speak to him through prayer which helps me get by. My kids are healthy which gives me joy and the reason why I am alive. I am grateful for you, for me, for god, for my family, for being alive, for the breath I have, for the words I write, for the time I spend, thank you the lord grants me life, I am happy to be alive.

Naples, Florida

Collier County

August Seventh Two Thousand and Twenty After Death

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