Stressed but Grateful

Every day is a challenge. Every day is a new experience. Every day will allow me to leverage things the way I need to. Every day is a struggle. Some people do no wrong. Some people do wrong. Some people get better treatment. Some people get bad treatment.

They say be careful what you wish for.

I hope things get better for me in my life. I hope one day the positives outweigh the negatives. I hope I can stay strong in the midst of pain. The only thing I can do is be grateful for the things I do have.

I have to live today at the moment and not think about the future. My impending doom is closing in, and its no joke some suffer worse than others. Some can forget, some can be distracted but this fate is in the hands of other people. These people are like me and you. My fate can change. It’s up to me to change it, but is it really?

I am confused, lost, and in pain. This system is overbearing and I am at the end of my witts at times. Today I can be grateful for God to allow me this grief, I accept this from God.


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