Another Day in Pursuit of Happiness

This happened a few years ago. It was a cool autumn night, everyone was in a celebration mood, kids were laughing and getting along. times were good and the night was going better. I remember everything like it was yesterday. My kids were enjoying a bounty full of candies and my girlfriend was happy she could paint my face. My mother was having a little too much to drink letting loose for the holiday. Holloween is always an excellent time to enjoy family. Remembering childhood times and reminiscing when innocence was bliss.

Once everything started winding down, the kids were getting groggy and moms, well she was on the couch sleeping, it was time to put the kids down for bed. oh boy, they don’t go down so easy. With my experience, I know a good night story will put them right out. After they had put their pajamas on and got snuggled into bed I grabbed a book that will bring their vocabulary up. “how to talk so little kids will listen” was the story I read to them. They went right out after the first few pages.

My niece was awake watching a movie when I had emerged from their room. I Look over my phone and had missed call from my good friend since elementary school AJ. I call him back. AJ said it was a good night to go to the Nightclub where a few of our other friends were already attending. I agreed, got changed got into my car and left. to be continued…../

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