Life Doesn’t Always Add Up

Today is another day we have in our pursuit of happiness. I just have some things on my chest.

I have applied for a position that I am well qualified for. I had just gotten off the phone with a captain that took me a couple days in order to get a hold of in order to speak with him. I already talked to the first Captain who I was supposedly who I was going to have the pleasure of working under. He was very professional and listened to my concerns and gave me the idea of helping me.

Lets start over. I had submitted my resume to a job post that was available on indeed. I had received a notification of the job position that was opened. I wrote a cover letter stating my attributes. I tweaked my resume to fit the job description. I put three dates and times that I was available if selected to come in to an interview. A couple days had went by with no response.

I was getting ready for my current job when my phone started ringing. I was hesitant to answer the unknown call, but I was reluctant to answer it. It was a captain at the security facility I had applied to. He had asked me if it was a good time to talk which I had told him I was getting ready for my current job but I had some time to speak. we went over a few things such as schedule, transportation, licensing and a few other things. We spoke for about 7 minutes and he asked me to come for an interview. It was a Sunday when he had called me. He asked if I was available at 2 PM Monday which I said I wont be able to attend and countered with Tuesday at 2 PM which he said was a good time.

The job I was applying for that recently opened positions offered life insurance, health insurance, dental insurance and a few other perks that my current job does not offer. The wage offered was also better for me, and the schedule would have also been better for my kids schedule also.

Tuesday had arrived and my morning started off right. I had put on my fancy suit that my girlfriend had got for me on Christmas. I was feeling great driving to the facility where my interview was being conducted. I arrived, got out and asked a maintenance man where one of the land marks was which he explained. I followed the directions and wound up at the office. An older lady had came out to speak with me and I told her I was there to speak to the captain. She radioed him as I sat in the comfy chairs reading a Naples Magazine.

The captain appeared. He was about the same height as me and balding like me also but he had lost substantially more hair than me. (im getting there lol) We then exited the office area and went up the stairs to the security room. We walked past several desks to a conference room in the back, and we sat down. The second shift captain had asked me a ton of questions, then the first shift captain had entered the room. I was being completely honest about everything in my past and my current situation. I had said everything about me, my qualifications along with anything that may hurt my eligibility for the position.

They both explained to me how the life insurance works, and the routines, the schedule, the point system on being late, the variable spending account, the daily checklist, the chain of command and more. They explained there was 3 positions available. One first shift and two second shifts. I had preferred first shift but will take second shift also if need be. We had wrapped up the interview and the second shift manager had said they are doing more interviews that I will receive a call for a second interview. The second shift captain walked me out and made me feel real welcome, before we had departed we touched elbows instead of a handshake, Covid-19.

A week had went by, no phone call. Another day had went by and I figured Id give a call to see what was going on. I had reached the first shift captain. He explained to me the positions had been filled. I had asked why I wasn’t selected, that I am qualified to do the position. He explained to me that he wasn’t apart of the process and he will forward the information to the second shift captain along with the supervisor. I left my name and phone number.

A few more days had passed. No response. I called again and this time I had gotten the second shift captain on the phone. He explained to me that just today an old employee was selected, this was different from what I was told by the first shift captain. none the less I explained to him that I needed some kind of confirmation documentation on the reason behind me not being able to get the position. He said I was qualified for the position but I was not selected. The second shift captain explained to me he felt that I was leading him on. I then said to him that I am not “leading him on” which he then laughed at me and said, “hes not going to go back and forth with me and tell me I am”, He explained, “he told me how he felt”, I was quite and couldn’t come up with anything to say so I told him to have a nice day and hung up.

I felt embarrassed. As I am writing this I received a notification from indeed from the supervisor, and it said that I was not selected. This is my confirmation but I needed to know what specifically the reason for me not being selected for the position.

Today I am grateful for the job I already have, I am grateful for the people closest to me in my life, I am grateful for the ambition that is injected into me to venture into the business world on my own. I am grateful for another day, I am grateful for another breath, I am grateful for the beautiful girl friend that I have, I am grateful for my beautiful kids, I am grateful for being able to help the closest people to me, I am grateful for everything in my life. I am grateful for you, thank you.

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