Power Statement

I make you feel power, I bring you to a higher vibration, I leave holes in my story, in your story. I complete myself with the knowledge of my self, and the love for myself. My power gives me the strength to uplift. My strength gives me the words to help you see in a brighter light. My vibration provides a security sense with yourself. My consistency lacks in providing this to you. The moment I let down the strength your demons over take you once again. Your demons attack and get lose. It is up to you to keep your demons caged but I don’t blame you for the lack of power to do so. I don’t blame you for your actions for you are a mere mortal in darkness, and out of darkness came light. It is your duty to know yourself and give yourself the love to control the demons, the negative energy. It is your duty to feel the pain to gain the strength. It is your duty to give yourself the food needed to house the power I see in you, that I see in myself. I give you the tools, the stability, the words, the perspective, the love, the tough love, the knowledge, the foundation.

The things most demons want is the material. The material worlds is a demons paradise. Demons will take everything from the giver. The giver will not complain. The giver will only have so much to give. The giver is just a normal person just like you. You can also be a giver. The giver has the will to break down their own boundaries in order to become a better person for themselves, and for the people they care about. Everyday is a different day, and everyday is a great day to be alive. In order to be alive today, our demons must not have control of us. We are in control of our thoughts, our minds, our bodies, and we make the decisions on what our thoughts, our eyes, our ears, think, see, and hear. Demons like certain energies, certain sounds, certain sights. Our divine beings also grow on these things, and its up to our higher selves to know the difference between good things and bad things.

I make the point of understanding ourselves. If we can understand ourselves we can understand each other. We are all in this world together.

I have came from a place of self destruction. I have dug a deep hole and just now found the ladder to escape the ditch that I had dug. I rebelled. I was a rebel. I see the do’s and don’ts in my childhood. People say that they don’t regret anything in their past. I can say differently. The things I had done in my past have taken away precious time from me. This time was needed for me to jump start where I am now. My mind is not the same as it was when I was in my prime mental states as a kid, and I have many things that I wasn’t taught and could blame for this but this is another post.

My question is why do people rebel against their higher powers as kids, teenagers, and so forth? why do people have to find out things the hard way?

Thank you for reading, everyone have a beautiful day, and keep your heads up high.

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