A cycle

Police need criminals.

Without Criminals there would be no police.

The laws that have not been taught to you in public schools overwhelm you.

You do not put up a fight to defend yourself because of the laws being so confusing, and lawyers so expensive, and even if you do hire an attorney, the majority of them wont genuinely help you like they would help their father, or child. They will confuse you more and make you believe that the system is broken and there is only one way to escape it. Caught up the money.

The system creates criminals, and makes people believe that they are criminals themselves, further feeding the man. America has the highest amount of people in prison, and the lowest wages given to these people. This is slavery. You can argue all you want about criminals deserve to be there, yes there is the due process in order to do this. Constitutional definition of a crime is a natural person of blood and bone being hurt physically or emotionally, or property being damaged.

The whole system revolves around money. You have to pay the DMV to issue you a license, You have to pay to have your registration renewed, you have to pay the ticket that you received because you didn’t stop at the stop sign for three seconds. You have to abide by the rules or they will threaten you, put you in debt, use the full extent to collect their money from you. They will suspend you license until you pay them their money. Driving is essential to life, to your pursuit of happiness. Without this you can’t live life to the fullest.

The man will come after you, bully you, come to your residence because you didn’t show up for their court date because you didn’t provide sufficient money to pay their fees, and take your body into custody and hold you until further notice.

You get your drivers license willingly, you let these things happen to you because you are just following the rules because everyone else is doing it. your parents have done it before you. their parents have done it before them. This is normal.

Really all of this is not normal. God given us our true meaning to life, and the government is taking our god given rights from us.

If we would realize what is going on today, and change things for whats really right, things would be different.

Most people wont understand the things I am saying.

Most people will go against the things I am saying.

Most people will continue to do the things that have been done and follow the next person instead of trying to change things for the better and retake our god given rights.

We need to vote for the right people who are blood and bone people like us. We need to stand for what we know is right and bring life back to the land. The times we are living right now are very strange.

This will be looked at in history, and to be able to live through what is going on now will be talked about for generations.

If we ever get out of these things we are experiencing at all.

We are being controlled, everyone knows, but no one cares to stop and say something, just go on with your little everyday lives, who cares, no one wants to think. you cant pay someone to think.


If you think for yourself and have the same views, as me lets me friends, lets get together and wage war against the machine, and stand up to the bullies. This government is ran by the people for the people. God rules over man, Man rules over Government, and Government rule over Corporations. Today it doesn’t seem like this is whats going on does it? The complete opposite is happening today.

When I say think, I mean go places in your mind that are hard to go to, that are uncomfortable, that take real work to solve a problem. Be a problem solver. Meaning that if you don’t know the answer to a question, use your thoughts and thinking to find the answer to the question.

For example, learning how to do math. Anyone can learn algebra, anyone can be masters of algebra with enough practice, and the will to not give up. Someone that believes they can learn algebra will learn algebra. Someone who believes that they can be one of the best algebra teachers will become one of the best algebra teachers. Someone somewhere, in history, had came up with algebra and this was how long ago? before computers?

How did stone age people build the pyramids? and you can’t figure out algebra?

This is what the government wants, it is for you to not learn things, to do things that will snap you out of the illusion they put you in. The government actually will harm you and make you feel like you are a loser, they will put things in your water to make you less thoughtful. They will put things on your television with the answer right in front of your face but you will never recognize it for yourself.

The reason why the Germans didn’t teach the Irish people held unwillingly to work was because the Germans knew if the Irish were to get smart enough, they could rebel, and not work.

The one thing that fascinates me is the Japanese culture code of honor.

The things that I believe in, is the fundamental moral of life, that everyone is equal, and everyone deserves a second chance, everyone deserves a third chance, everyone deserves the pursuit to happiness

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