Out of a Job

Today is September 18th 2020. I am not working my full-time job today due to the fact of my class D license being suspended from the hands of a corrupt agency funded from by my family’s tax dollars. I was working at my designated post which I was employed legally by a security company here in Collier County when a state employee had come to do spot checks on security regulations. No big deal everything on my end was fine, until the state employee had run my state issued Class D Security License by number in his database. His records showed that my license was suspended. My employer did not receive notice, which neither did I. I was sent home to fix the issue at hand which it was still early.

I went home and dropped off my things and gathered the paper work I needed and hurried to the Court House. I received certified copies and went back home. I found the correct phone numbers to call, spoke with some very friendly people who helped me solve this problem. I scanned my certified documents, and forwarded them to the right email addresses to have this problem resolved. I received confirmation that they were received and sent to the right departments, but in order for my request to be processed it will take 6-8 weeks.

This happened on September 16th 2020. I will be losing wages due to a corrupt agencies advantage on the whole system started with the deputy’s word against my word. Starting with her ego vs my rights to freely seek the pursuit of happiness.  So far, I have lost $299 in wages, not just from me but my children that I take care of solely financially.

The Florida Department of Agriculture employee was cool, he was telling all the proper steps to follow in order to take care of this quickly. He received my license number went to his computer and came back and said my license was suspended, I was shocked. At this time Bare Foot Beach GH had a line backed up to the light which I was smoothly processing each vendor and guest properly renewing passes and issuing passes. The FDOA employee even complimented me to my supervisor and said he felt bad that this was happening to me. He said he wanted me to call my employer and I shouldn’t be sent home if I was already their working. I had called my employer and said “I have bad news, I have very bad news…” and waited for a response, which was, “what’s going on talk to me.” I explained what had happened which he then sent me home.

Stay blessed and keep your head held high and we will get through any negativity in our path.

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