Time Away from Devices

This week I have spent a lot of time away from my devices for the purpose of myself. This week I have been spending all my time with my kids now that I have not been working my security job due to pressing issues at hand that are out of my control. This week was actually well needed being with my kids every day, every morning, and every night. It brought a whole new perspective to me and my own life and brought everything into the perspective. When I am with my kids nothing else matters, I am not worried about the greater problems that are bigger than I am. I am in the moment every moment with my kids. If it doesn’t involve them, they make sure it does, and they are so smart and everyday they amaze me. Their perspectives and simple words, everything about them just makes my world go round and I forget about myself. I change my ways, my words, my thoughts, my views, my whole existence in order to protect them, their innocence, from harm, from the evil that this world has in it. My kids are my world and their world shall be perfect in this world.

This week they are back with their mother and now I am alone again. Now I will get lost in the devices and find inner peace alone through breath. I will now plan my week in order to get money to give my kids the perfect world they deserve. I will not just roll over a die becuase of my issues that are bigger than me. I will get onto the level I need in order to cut my problems down to size for me to defeat them. I believe in me even if the world doesn’t believe in me, becuase the world doesn’t believe in itself.

I know someone believes in me and that’s god. My kids, and God, and although my family need a lot of help with their own problems and beliefs but this includes them to, are the ones that make life livable, bearable, without them life wouldn’t be worth living due to the wrong doing of the devil. People that don’t follow God do wrong things, bad things to other humans. I know this is probably a little sloppy and a little all over the place but its unedited and raw. I hope everyone has a great day! thank you for reading.

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