Something to say today

I forget how much I like to write. I can type for days and make a story when I need to and have to. Its been some time since the last time I had written a post on my WordPress website. I am currently sitting at my kitchen table listening to a YouTube frequency 111 mental and spiritual reboot in the dark thinking about what I want to eat being 11:17pm here in south Florida during a cold front 50 degrees. I have a small haze from sleeping earlier when I had gotten home from working pools. Which has been easier than ever lately I love doing the pools. Also the fog is from being around the wrong kind of people which I cant jive with. It takes a toll when you are subject to certain kinds of energy mixed with cigarette smoke and alcohol which is bad for my mind on top of it all. I am being sued by the state on top of my misdemeanor case with the local police municipality. The state had sent me a letter saying that they are basically suing me for working on a suspended license. I had written a response back to them using my super secret Jedi powers and can only pray for the best. I haven’t been getting a long with my mother lately living in my house. well its our house that we have been living in for a couple years now. I will never understand that women and why she is so stuck in her old ways being miserable. It seems like my mother and my father are both stuck in their old ways and have been brain washed to be the way they are and it seems like until they pass. I see other families, which seem to be well kept and tight nit, and mine is all fucked up which I can’t do anything about right now. I wonder if I could create my own perfect family and have a lot of kids, and raise them correctly one day having the things needed in life to be the best versions of ourselves everyday taking care of everyone. I think about Rachel.. And what she really thought about me and my family when she was mine.. I feel bad now thinking about it, and I hate being a man that can’t do the things a real man has to do. well Id just thought id update the blog since it has been awhile. Thanks for everything.

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