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This is just a recap of what the year has been like so far. I am still in shambles on what happen on 7/25/2020. My kids had came back a week ago from when they had left to another state since before Christmas which I am happy about them being back, my daughter had just lost her first tooth, super stoked lol. I had got back on the grind the beginning of the year in January. Since my babies were gone for the month, I had made as much as I could detailing cars and picking things up putting things together with all the time I had. Its always good to get things started in order to get the snowball going. I had started my detailing company in 2018 which I am still growing and can always resort back to when I have free time, and I feel like making active money. I am currently working on things that can earn me passive income hopefully sometime in the future. I had completely cut out most negativity in my life. My lawyer had withdrew from my case, completely set me up to go to the court house and sit thru her explaining to the judge why she can’t represent me any more. I was led to believe I was going to a jury trial but I was wrong. She had just asked me if I could give her some money which three days prior I had given her $200 for her to withdraw? ah the struggle of life my friends. I still don’t have a car. I still drive a motorcycle. I had just splurged an extra paycheck that I had received in January because there is 5 Fridays in January I got an extra paycheck. and I had overtime from working a couple Saturdays extra. I had spent the extra paycheck on a gold chain and a gold pinky ring, which I know I could have invested it and did other things with it but I just needed to splurge on gold that probably will increase in value and it makes me more attractive to myself lol and others. The pool company I work for the owner is a work-a-holic and very annoying about the stupidest things and of course I’m getting fed up with the bullshit. After new years one guy straight up quit which not one word had been heard from him since, he didn’t even pick up his last paycheck. another guy had surgery on his neck and almost lost his life so he may not ever come back to work. before that they had just fired a lady who was losing pools and not doing her job correctly where customers were complaining. so we were down three employees. the guy we haven’t heard from probably quit because the owner was such an arrogant asshole he just up and left. I haven’t been going out a lot like when I was 17 but occasionally I had went out. I tagged along with my day ones a couple days ago to a tattoo party which I wasn’t getting any tattoos, but I was drinking so anything was an adventure since its been awhile since I had gotten so drunk. I had taken the kids to another kids birthday party and kids parties are always another reason to drink lol. so after the party we went to fort myres, and it just so happen the tattoo shop was in front of a library where homeless people would hang out. I have been watching soft white under belly and really I always wanted to interview the people who were living under bridges and in tents or in a car and find out what brought them to where they were. I am not the best interviewer and Id give alcohol a lot of the credit for me in order to ask strangers questions. with this experience things will get easier interviewing which I want to interview everyday normal people and have a studio podcast type thing going on. I had not spoken to the girl I was talking to for a year. Its been a few months since I had spoken to her and I still think about her, I know she still thinks about me. I kinda miss her but she wasn’t mine or for me, she was for someone else and I had to let her go. I have been keeping to myself for I am not for ever body but everybody is for me? no lol thats an asshole type move. I am not where I want to be in order for me to fight for a chick or pursue a fine ass chick that has a level head, they will need things i cannot provide for them right now sooo thats where we are at, and i fall in love to easy, and im super awkward, but i still get all the attention from the ladies, and make it awkward lol, one day ill find a good girl ❤ .. everything is getting better and coming together and the law of attraction is real my friends. love and light.

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