Seems like..

Id wonder what things would be like if people could see eye to eye, feel exactly what each other feel. Seems like this doesn’t happen too often. It seems like when it does we become friends, and have the same views. We could only hope that we don’t get used for what it seems like we have, or don’t have.

I wonder what it would be like, if the world could be a little better and easier to navigate. I wonder what the world could be like if things were easier. It seems like everything is made to be easy but things really aren’t easy.

I can pretend that things are easy if I just follow the rules and walk a narrow path. Follow the guidelines and try to understand whats right. I can try and see whats been written but I can only go so far.

It seems like a group of gifted people had written a string of words which I am suppose to follow without any misinterpretation. I wonder if the world was suppose to be like this and this was gods intention.

I believe there is a vail. I see that there is a vail thats hiding a group of people, who are hiding in plain sight right in front of our eyes. These people who are hiding behind this vail, are dirty as they come and will lead you down a path and beat you for fun.

It seems like this world is simple when you follow the string of words, which chain you to a cell when you step off the narrow path and make you bleed until you die or comply, it seems like somethings not right.

Navigate with your mind, and see through the vail, use your intuition and don’t be scared of hell. To create heaven you must be brave and look fear in the eyes and fight like hell until you excel.

As I make believe, and just be at ease, I feel dead being held to a system of medicated people who can’t sit in their own head, instead they escape. Iv escaped my head and lost the way back, but Iv been found. Please I give you a remedy so you don’t end up like me, you can be saved before its too late, its called love ❤

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