Morning Story

Today was just another day. I woke up early around 6:50am and laid in bed for a while. After 30 minutes I made my bed.

I brushed my teeth, got dressed, then laid back in bed for another minute. Made the decision to keep it moving so I stepped up, walked out of my room, down the hall, across the living room and out the front door.

I got inside the pool truck flipped the key, reversed trying to look thru the windows full of condensation from humid south Florida “dew.”

While driving I think I have cut off, almost ran people off the road, and almost got into 2 accidents from the windows being so fogged up. None the less I kept it moving thru traffic.

At this time the traffic going west from my part of town is hectic. Everyone from the cheaper parts of town being in the east (furthest from the coast) are trying to get to where all the wealthy people need services.

I made it to work in time for the weekly meeting. The pool truck that I had been following for 10 minutes just so happened to be an associate. We both backed up to the chlorine pumps and walked towards the building.

We go inside to the conference room as I walk in, the route manager conducting the meeting always reacts when he see me, “Tommy! I haven’t seen you in four meetings.” Or so and so.. this time I had said “you always say thats, how you been bUdDy?” While he stayed quite for once and started the meeting.

The meeting is just the same old none sense said, sometimes theres some actual directives or something of value to be learned but this time, was just none sense.

“Make sure to take pictures of the vacuum in the pool when you vacuum.” “Take pictures of the filters after you cleaned them.” “Make sure you close out your route in ION, when you go home close them out.” “Customers are always asking for this for that and call to complain.” “If you don’t we will send you back.” Blah blah blah blah same old shit.

As I am listening as the manager makes examples out of people, and uses their mistakes to further a point, as they are laughing at their jokes, I wonder how screwed these individuals are in the head. Not to berate anyone or anything in that nature. I just observe certain things and could use a cause and effect solution for the action and reaction that I find of interest.

I figure if I find a certain situation of interest, well any social situation, theres many ways to define it. Sometimes the most fit is the best to explain giving that the situation has the most context clues that I can use to give it a certain definition. But I would be able to entertain any sort of idea, outside of my own reasoning, giving that I am open minded.

And when i say this I am very grounded , with a solid foundation of morals, and strong beliefs from whats right from wrong, socially acceptable, and proper. Giving that todays world is very flippy floppy in certain areas and thats the new norm, I find myself oldschool compared to this new stuff thats becoming the new norm.

But anyway Just something to write about as I stay sober for my 4th day of not drinking. I find that I need things to get off my chest so I write.

Thanks for being here.

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