A dabble in my thoughts

Today is the day id say I can be in my thoughts about many different things. The beginning of the year had a dark cloud already pass thru and drop some rain and lightening but it had passed.

I have been in a above average positive mindset and I can attest to that of my dropping of alcohol. Things have been feeling a lot better between the ears making everything more clear.

Also the wanting to be sad had left. The experience of happiness is not a foreign feeling. The habit of sadness had left and the happiness feels normal. Things no longer trigger the craving of alcohol consumption like they use to. An example being: I would be driving home from work, on a Friday, and A turn up song would come on, and Id get a feeling of just wanting to get a buzz from whatever kind of alcohol I was drinking at that time. Which I am proud to say my discipline is increasing and I no longer self sabotage. It feels good.

This is a in depth look into my life and my feelings and emotions, my journal of being publicly displayed for people to relate, but hey we all are human, I can say and express, my mess or cleanliness.

So I have been getting into the same interests that I always have.. And I have these grand thoughts of things from all kinds of places. And I also have questions for people, I want to pay people for surveys to bring further clarification of how other peoples minds work. I want to see where peoples thought processes lead them to. I want to see what conclusion people draw given certain information. I want to see how people react to certain information and how they absorb different forms of information.

My own perspective I draw when I listen to podcasts and The information I seek sseem to different and I am told this all the time by my low energy surroundings. My views are not well accepted in my circle or understood at the level I presume to carry of this kind of information. Usually people with high levels of intelligence have fancy cars, and nice watches. This isn’t the case with me so I am doing something wrong somewhere for the time being but the struggle will be well worth it when I make it.

So I was wondering about how money operates in the world. I was wondering what is the real mean of life that makes life exciting. I wonder where people get their inner most drive to survive and what really makes them tick about life. The real driving factor that can be defined in simple terms, and understood at a core level of basic understand that hits you at a subconscious level. That understand that will change you, that will change your whole perspective on life. That kind of understanding that will set off the light bulb giving you the formulation of the perfect satisfaction and comprehension letting loose an explosion of endless exhilaration. The kind of happiness you would could share, and not be torn down by sharing it.

The thoughts that are bouncing around in my head about what other people would consider a reason to keep living would be drawn from a very basic and rudimentary sense of understanding. Giving that average people have average intelligence. And an average perspective they would seek the simple things and master those things in order to be successful in their own worlds. These people would find joy and satisfaction in life where the lowest hanging fruits are in reach. Given that they were given the proper tools in the first place in order to keep the fruit trees close and bearing fruit.

The very simple things that simple people can reach for being it money. Being it money that feeds, shelters, transports, creates, simplifies, and many other things. This is a very easy and basic thing to formulate your whole life around.

The world today is going down a road leading to a central destination. The leader is blind. The crowd behind the leader is blind. And the caboose is behind watching to see if anyone steps out of line.

Just a thought inside my head relayed to a medium of expression out into the either another for the record.

Thanks for being here.

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