2022 goodbye 2021

I woke up today with out the banging pain of binge drinking and chain smoking. I woke up today on the first of January next to my girlfriend Rachel. At her apartment, in her bed, snuggled up all wrapped in limbs.

I have a kind of feeling I haven’t felt in a long time, this feeling started after new year eve. Its a good feeling like a sense of security. Although I am swimming in a sea full of sharks I am still alive holding my own surviving.

The world seem to be in a place of confusion but thats okay. The internet will be used at its best for those who use it. The algorithms will produce things accustomed to the things people focus on the most.

Somehow if we can influence the people around us and lift with all our might we can make a change. We all need to be able to come together and do the best we can staying away from emotional pit falls.

The thing that helped me the most being the best person I can be is that I turned off all the stimulating media around me. What helped me the most is that I built powerful thoughts that I want to think about. These thoughts I create on my own give me power.

This was hard at first being that there is so much things in the world distracting me from my own thoughts. Thinking is painful I am not going to lie. So is problem solving and critical thinking, these things are so agonizing. The feeling in my head is just frustrating.

Thinking and these cognitive things are like riding a bicycle. First you look at the bike, know where the operational features are such as the pedals, the seat, the handle bars. Then you think about it really hard about how much fun you will have when you become brave enough to ride it for the first time.

This is also true with thoughts, and thinking. Its easy to turn on a stimulating distraction to keep your mind occupied. Like just now my girlfriend had turned the TV on and states playing music. Distracting me.

What id recommend is start with very small baby steps. One thing that you can get good at that anyone can do is turn off all outside stimulants, like the radio, TV, computer, phone.. and sit, thinking to yourself for an hour. This may be painful but just get through it, face the thoughts you think, remember these words that things will get easier.

But anyways this blog post will be kinda all over the place..

I wanted to also talk about other things as a preparation for the new year. I have big plans that I want to do for the Public.

Happy New Year, And always, Thanks For Being Here.

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