Todays society together

I wish there were more rebels out here getting shit organized, standing up to these people who are pulling the strings telling everyone what they can and cant do.

Ill say it 100 times, Benjamin Franklin and the rest of the goons are turning in their graves. Independence day is right around the corner, the separation from a parasitic monarchy was achieved.

There is no sanctuary now for over powering government, the people of this country are just so lost, so righteous, trying to fit in. The United States of America was built on the death of people who stood up to tyranny.

Now today the people of America lay down, allow these crooks to run the train off the tracks, right under their noses. Political decisions use to be made by the citizens, who challenged everything that wasn’t right. They came together and stood together undivided against tyrannical persons and organizations and shut them down.

Now we stand divided confused and mislead on edge for the next move to happen sitting in the bleachers just watching the ship sinking, helpless. Too busy trying to make ends meet, its what they want, they raise gas prices putting the squeeze further holding us down below water.

We are too busy trying to get a head and breathe. More and more shit is thrown to wage war against our better judgement, furthering us into submission.

I wonder why we allow these things to continue to happen. Every single day a new oppression will be put upon us financially. Lets find a way to escape, outside these walls of depression.

Thanks for being here.

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