I have figured out

When I look around, I see optimism streaming thru my mind with out time. Everything so bright, visible, and easily accessible its so real. Im tempted to flow thru the channel of creation.

At arms length theres no hesitation as I reach out and take from the scene. As I write my journey of light.

I figured with this gift, I could share it to the world I admit.

Today was a great day making this blog of words written. After all the times I have jotted down something I guess it can be done once again, even without the pain and sadness.

Its odd that I stared into the void for so long and really thought it was giving me something to harness. I can say now that Iv turned my back on the darkness everything seems to be so much better.

Although I did have a consistent balance of light and dark, the darkness seemed to be outweighed by the lightness. Which now I wont even face that way now.

Happiness is a lot easier to manage, and its even more contagious then sadness.

The downfall of happiness is there is a lot of jealous people in this world that will do anything to take you out of your element. I find it sad that I cannot show a sense of happiness around people.

What I have to do is basically just stay neutral and assertive. I no longer engage in miserable conversations. I no longer find it my duty as an empath.

When people are talking about negative things I leave the room or change the subject. I no longer associate myself in places I cannot control the environment.

Optimism has always been one of my strong suites iv worn around. People envy this and will peck you to death in order to get you to take it off.

Can you relate? People will destroy all of you positive solutions and plans for what it seems like, “sport.”

I find it that associating with these people is a no go for me the last few months. I find myself being a lot more aware of my energy and my environment. This is essential for a healthy growth of funds, intuition, social status, and all around alpha.

Obtaining proper connections is a key part of this life we live everyday. Life should be lived according to how you feel fit. Things should be obtained as you feel necessary. intelligence should only be sought for the sole purpose of creating happiness.

In my experience intelligence is a giant weight to carry around. A perfect example that an ex girlfriend had showed me was the series “too hot to handle” these individuals may not have a lot pf heavy things in there head steering them away from what they really like to do, please people.

I figured people who have heavy thoughts of the future have a hard time living in the present. I can attest to this. I do have some anxiety issues at times but can be managed with meditation and a daily exercise routine.

I find living in the moment, hmm well id admit during writing this I had an epiphany. I haven’t fully practiced living in the moment. I may fall in love.

Anyway now I find that I shall stop here on this newly Friday morning of 2:49am and say goodnight!

Thanks for being here!

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