Tip of the iceberg

Where is the compassion in this world I long for?

I have been in a bind for a long time now and this is really just a way to say how I really feel in public the best way I know how. I am not good with verbal communication unless under ideal circumstances at this point in my life. This seems like a desperate means of venting but I have some tangible evidence of some misrepresentation. Most people will just overlook their interaction with the law unless they have a good lawyer, friend, or family someone to talk some sense into them.

Most people who have anything to do with most types of the law just do whatever is told to them by the judge, or the public defender. They pay for any ticket that is given to them and that’s just how a citizen civil society works.

I am asking for simple things in my case that should be handled properly upon my request.

I know that an attorney who knows the law well, who can write up motions and speak to the judge properly can make simple things happen. I have full faith in the legal system to do right but I am constantly being run around like a lost dog in the streets after an owner had left them.

The probation officer explicitly said that I would not be violated and he understands my viewpoint.

This is a conversation with a public defender who wasn’t representing but gave legal advice.

Use your own judgment. If you do not have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all. This is only uploaded to keep a record of an ongoing investigation with evidence posted as a press release.

Thanks for being here.

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