As I have traveled

Today on this day I am in another state, of the United States of America. It is 12:36am and it is raining hard.

I haven’t travelled much. Yet I feel like I have. I realize time away from normal, away from routine, helps open up the mind.

When I find myself in a place that doesn’t include my bed, or couch, or known area of rest, I find myself in thought when trying to go to asleep in the new/unknown place.

When I find myself thinking at these times, the thoughts that come to mind are different, and somewhat unsettling. Which is cool.

I can always revert back to my old ways of thought and its comforting, but i can just go back home for that. The new thoughts kind of take me out of my normal element, which lead to a kind of halt to normal production.

These new thoughts kind of give a sense of uneasy feeling that it can do damage to the kind of discipline I have created for my normal mind.

Its cool though, business as usual and I tend to find my center or no center, in the mess, even when things seem to be going haywire.

The pass time has been learning about chess, and spending time with the family. Girls have no longer been an issue, being that there is so many in the world, I cant seem to get enough.

Life has been so far so good after my so called lazy bum syndrome that has overtaken much of 2022.

2022 had jail time, a warrant out for my arrest for nonsensical reasons and misunderstandings. I get back to the reason of why its good to have other unsettling thoughts in my head then real problems like I did before. They all seem to feel as heavy just with different parts of the brain.

I wonder why there has to be some kind of urge of unsettled and resolved problem in my head in order to feel whole, even when there is no real problem. I notice I hold onto this trait, in order to help me grow and expand, for the trees in windy areas develop deeper roots to stay up.

Although real problems can be debilitating, we can only hope for the best times to continue forever, and go on for as long as possible, allowing nothing to harm us, as we charm the world and continue on the beautiful journey of ours.

Thanks for being here.

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