Coincidence? Serendipity

I am sitting in my garage working on my detailing van.

I had taken a seat to let the caulk dry on the wood panel i am going to spray paint black.

The over cut slits needed to be filled.

As I am sitting I can see down my street a good ways, as I am staring down the street shaking the rattle spray can, a USPS truck appears and parks in a neighbors yard.

With my mind churning as I am thinking thoughts, I get an idea. Without the context Its hard to feel and describe but Ill do my best for you to feel me.

The idea had sprouted in my head, about having a group of people who all have the same ideas mostly.

Theres few and far between people but the weeds can be plucked, its just getting the initial small group started.

I started thinking about the USPS service people who work everyday the same thing, all day everyday. I come to realize they may need something, a kind gesture from someone. Maybe something free as a gift or so.

I was thinking to advertise a gift to all USPS people in the area. Hand them personally something worth while, a gift card perhaps.

I got to thinking there would be instructions in the gift to follow a link. The link will be for those who can see and feel differently then others.

Perhaps a riddle or puzzle to help start the weeding part of this group.

I want to start getting organized, and gaining like minded people to achieve a purpose.

As I am in bliss of my own head as these thoughts unravel, I am still shaking my rattle can.

I stand up to see the caulk, its still dry, as a neighborhood cat is running thru the yard to see me. I sit back down as the cat lays under my van and stares at me.

Epiphany had hit me, cats must operate on high frequencies. Thats why the pharaohs had kept them around.

Its been awhile since I had wrote but here we are. Thanks for being here!

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