Everything you do

Everything you do comes from a thought knowing or unknowingly , from the subconscious or from your conscious. As children we learn what to eat. For example we would learn from our parents that certain berries are poisonous and we shouldn’t eat them. This is how life goes.

When people think, they create things inside of their head. When I think I create things inside of my head. We are all the same. Some of us have different kinds of conditioning then others, different cultures etc.

When you get hungry. Your body knows what to do. Your mind knows what to do. You get food, you make food. And your satisfied. When you get thirsty, a drink appears and you drink until you are satisfied. When you get tired, somewhere comfortable appears, and you rest, until you are satisfied. These things come forth to you, free as a bird, free as a spirit. These things appear in your head and appear in front of you. If you want clothes you make them appear. From thought, to your possession of it in reality. Take this gift of manifestation.

Your mind manifests things in your head, your conscious and subconscious. Do not go against these things in your mind, you are free as a bird. Listen to your gut instincts. They are very subtle and if you go against them you lose them after so long of betrayal of the sensitive feeling. Be aware, be attuned to the body, mind, soul, they call the chakras. These are very delicate sensations. In order to feel them, and use them to your best ability, to listen to them, you have to be of sound mind and spirit. Unhindered by drugs, emotions, and ego. Although these things magnify the sensations, they will throw you off balance and send you on a roller coaster.

Create things in your mind, positive things that is great for humanity, that will better yourself and your family, find people that share the same views and beliefs as you, and manifest them. Believe in it to the point it is already exists and you can touch it. Close your eyes and imagine it already being in your possession and feel the feeling it feels like have whatever it is you can imagine inside of your mind. You already possess everything the world has to offer inside of yourself, you just have to believe it and it will appear. No matter how bad you think you are never going to own these things. Just remember you can, and slowly but surely you will feel better and the universe will slowly align for you and make things easier for you. It may take a month or years, but believe in it, trust me.

My parents hadn’t taught me much, and if they could have taught me something, it was how to not be a functioning human, just like a lot of us. I am the spitting image of what the mind can do, and where it has came from which wasn’t as bad as a lot of us, but I will be as transparent as I can to help everyone I can.

Thanks for reading ‼️

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