I wonder, and thoughts came.

I believe we are our thoughts. I believe I am thinking, therefore I am what I am thinking. Luckily we have a limiter on our thoughts. Unless you have an overly imaginative mind, and really start believing you are an inanimate object of some sort, then you are either having a bad trip or considered to have a mental illness.

I question everything, even my own thoughts. There is no real clear mind of being normal. I think “normal” is a fallacy. We can have an idea of “normal” but I really don’t think someone can uphold this title for everybody, forever.

A clear mind is, whats right for you. What ever that is, is normal for you. A clear mind for me is normal for me, I can clear my mind and the things that naturally appear as a thought in my mind is what I consider normal. These random thoughts that are floating around in my solar system of thoughts is what ultimately controls me, and my life.

We can all choose what planets we have orbiting in our solar system. Some people cannot do this because they lack the patience. I know people who have negative planets, drama astroid belts, and so forth. These people we may be able to relate to, or get along with, or maybe not.

The planets I keep in my orbit, I feel like I can slow the speed of their rotation around the central “gravitational pull.” In a real solar system we call this the sun. Id suppose Id call the minds gravitational pull consciousness. Some planets orbit faster, these faster orbiting planets create more thoughts.

I really like thinking about the United States of America’s system of law, it appears in my head randomly through out the day, therefor those thoughts are orbiting around my solar system of thoughts, amongst other things, including investing.

I have the choice of continuing to think about law or I could sort of, flip the switch and turn the thought off. I can also build upon it, and explore where the thought takes me inside my own mind. I would, so to say, let my minds wheels turn, as it is always on, thinking, pondering away as it does.

I guess I can say I can direct the power of my mind in one direction. I could give it full capacity of thought but I wouldn’t be able to multitask doing completely opposite tasks. Much like trying write a 1000 word essay about WWII in one hour and get an A while driving.

There is also planets of emotion. These are not as easy to control. Emotional planets for me tend to be on a pendulum or on a magnetic field. I can choose between the two.

The pendulum is more normal and I can be more relatable with this. The ups are vividly experienced. Laughing, more frequent sexual tension, sadness, depression, joy, excitement and anger are all experienced more frequently.

The magnetic field is where I am more centered. Happiness is to the North, and sadness is to the South. When they come close to the center, they push against either other. Here I am calm, zen, focused on an inner peace, but less relatable. Here I want to be alone.

Thanks for being here.

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