Energy Production Audit

The energy that flows in our body’s can be like the seasons. Naturally we experience ups that give us happiness, light, and joy, they say when you are happy and positive you learn better, and success is likely with positive affirmations and encouragement.

Aside from ups, we also naturally experience downs, that bring uneasy feelings, doubt, sadness, the blues, depression. These emotions left unmanaged can cause a term, “stuck in a rut” or worse.

Energies can be changed willingly with a belief of change. Some people wouldn’t want to change a feeling of happiness, but perhaps are convinced otherwise from an outside source.

Energies are fed from all sorts of external inputs. Energies would also be subject to habits, which can be good, or bad. For example, angry energy is felt every time after being disrespected. This could be true to a certain culture. It could also be false to another culture, such as Tibetan monks who have trained their minds to think differently when “disrespected.”

We can choose how we feel, and what energies we allow to flow when adverse events occur. Every day events of habits bring along the same energies which these feelings and habits are normal to us.

Auditing of the energies that enter into our radius, minds, and body is encouraged. This kind of check listing can be useful when managing off the wall events. He who is calm during the dangerous storm will prevail through.

Once recognizing what emotions enter into our ecosystem of emotions, during certain events, or thru a certain medium, we can alter that emotion and response to the input.

Some people have anger issues, terrible feelings of anxiety, depression, which can be managed with the right tools. There is nothing wrong with these emotions, which feeling is human, just know that we are human, you are human.

Some people escape the feelings, which is okay. Skipping the escape for a day, or night can be beneficial. Sit with the pain, and really feel it, just know it will pass. It gets easier to sit with, we are now creating a positive habit.

If happiness is all you have, and you have perfected the positive energy with nothing left but love, and your environment is perfect, along with those around you who build you to be the best person you can be.. This auditing would not be of any significance, unless you are trying to obtain a higher power.

Also, protecting the energies you fought hard to find, and hone shall be on the list of things to do when on the journey. Giving the energy to someone who will harm you can lead you down a dark path. Follow your intuition about people. If you know someone is going to tear you down, or make you question your beliefs, avoid this and build your instinct.

Some people have sound counsel, they have sound advice, but there is very few people who have this ability, so be careful, you cannot trust everyone. Protect the energy you know and believe will build you to be the strongest person you can be. Find people who share these same energies and build together, love, trust, creation.

Thanks for being here.

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