Many baskets with limited eggs

When you consider life, and all the paths you can choose, where you put your time and energy for example: but not limited to, full time employment, family, business, hobbies and the likes. We can call these different paths: baskets.

When at the bottom of life, with barely any resources, this is called the struggle. When resources are limited these paths are some what harder to gain success in. When considering there is only 24 hours in a day.

Every path takes time, and energy. Most people are happy choosing one or two things in order to presume they will succeed and be happy.

Success equals happiness, fulfillment, Joy and peace. Some people have the ability to do multiple things and stretch themselves, like me. I find myself placing my limited amount of eggs in many different baskets. I guess you can call me a “basket case” lol.

Some people are born with a team of people who are there in order to see them succeed. That team of people has the tools and abilities to grow a loved one.

Some people are born less fortunate. If you pay attention to many rap lyrics, or another medium describing that they have made it through the struggle, you will find a somewhat consistent story in this music.

That being said, they made it on their own, without help. Single handily fight their way to the top making the connects, putting in the work and building their castle of success.

They have been the “black sheep” of the family who escaped the rat race and wont go back to help their family. I don’t know if this is me, but it resonates with me.

I find myself constantly questioning myself on why I try to change the consciousness of my family and friends just to be let down. This brings me grief and sadness when after trying to share different views just to be lead to believe the same old narrative.

I know Im kind of going off on a different topic now, but lets bring it back.

Most people can be successful in two things, and be happy, just making it by. Having steady money coming in and spending time with family.

Most “black sheep” have a different way of thinking. Which they get ostracized for this. Only the strong prevail and concur. The torment. The pain. The let down. The misunderstanding. The failure of producing relatable content.

It seems like most people who are successful are selling the same narrative 90% of people are living by. I want to be different. Like the other 10%.


Thanks for being here.

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