Meditate, Accept, Own, Emotion

When I get down, I think of what caused this and forget about it. When I get down what brought me to the pain doesn’t matter any more and is lost. What stay around is the emotion.

I find emotions intriguing. They fascinate me. I can feel an emotion and hold onto it, I can meditate on it. I reach a new floor, or a new ceiling.

Whether its a good emotion or bad emotion its usually unbearable. I release it. Through meditation you can do great things with emotions..

Self awareness, self control, emotional intelligence, these things will be strengthened. In my case when I have a girlfriend I feel invincible because she levels me out and gives me sex to reboot and wash everything away.

Pain can be dangerous because its hard to recover from on your own. Unless you have some kind of hobby, or other form of distraction you could get lost, and off the path of life, quite literally if not found again.

Happiness seems to be a huge disappointment every-time. Sometimes it could add some perks to a task, or make someone like you more which is always a good thing.

Anxiety is the hardest to control, but with great planning any situation could be handled. With a great goal in mind and meditated while recognizing the emotion of anxiety accepting it and releasing it while taking deep mindful breaths will help form better mind habits.

Thanks for being here.

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